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2 june 2022

When they ask us, how are we doing and are we working? Yes, we are working, we are at the front, in production, in the office, we are where we should be now and where we need it most ...
Wherever we are, we are united by faith and optimism that we will stand in this difficult time, and what we are doing is our contribution to victory, to the future of the country.
We continue to work, despite everything that happens around. Our work is not only helping the army and refugees, our work is to produce products, despite the difficult situation in the economy, delighting our customers with what we can do perfectly - halva, gozinaki, dragee.
Where are we? We are with our partners and business colleagues, with our army, volunteers, with our employees who work in different countries, we are where we should be - we are at home and work.
We feel the support of our foreign partners - it is priceless for us and gives us strength. In this difficult time for everyone, we stick together and help each other and others, this is our strength and courage.
Survive, win, cherish, appreciate, be true to your ideals and your favorite business... Now, this is also our job.