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29 june 2022

Development is always a forward movement for any company.
Today, this is turbulence and a lack of understanding of the future of Russia's military aggression in Ukraine, many businesses have closed, some do not plan to open, many hold on and continue to do business. 2022 turned out to be a time not only of a personal tragedy for each of the citizens of Ukraine and companies, but also of unfulfilled dreams, plans and projects. We planned to provide our consumer with our new Bim&Ba dragee brand. The consumer of this product is not simple, the teenage audience is always complex and impulsive. We decided to offer the buyer not only seven different flavors from classic peanuts to marmalade and raisins, but seven different characters, so that the buyer himself decides which taste and type of character he likes best.
At the beginning of 2022, we just started to take the first steps in introducing the buyer to the Bim&Ba brand, but we failed to fully open up on the market due to hostilities. Probably, in this difficult time for any business, one could be content with little, but this is not the approach of our company. We do not plan to give up our plans and dreams, and nevertheless decided to present our product tm Bim&Ba to the market.
I am sure that each of us will find our favorite taste of this dragee, and its success in the market will give us a new impetus not to stand on our laurels, but to look for and offer new products on the Ukrainian market and beyond.